Our Mission

Clothes can tell a story about how we view and express ourselves...

The story we are telling is about the clothes and the many hands that craft them: a story of value and an approach to purposeful design, mindful making, conscious sourcing and sustaining artisanal crafts. 

It seems we have forgotten the many hands and hours of labour that go into producing our clothes. We consume them more and we wear and care for them less. From trends, fast deliveries, quick turn over and a model that relies on over-consumption for viability, like.minded moves towards mindful making, long lasting, and quality products that have embedded value and a purpose: a purpose to exist in our wardrobes and to do so for years to come. 

We are acutely aware of the vast and extensive environmental impact of the fashion industry. It’s these impacts that drive us to question, challenge and disrupt existing practices in the industry. We intend to tell our story of conscious sourcing and our relationships with artisans in an authentic, transparent and honest way so that our community can actively engage with where, how and at what cost their clothes are made. 

But this story isn’t a one sided conversation. It involves you. Because we see like.minded as a space where your clothes and your values, thoughts, ideas and practices can co-exists to build a community. We want to collaborate, promote and share ideas and host events and workshops to build upon the like.minded values that guide us, because ultimately without you, like.minded doesn’t exist.