Recycled Cotton

Our handloomed fabrics are made from recycled cotton because we are passionate about limiting our impact on the environment

The fashion industry is estimated to produce around 92 million tonnes of textile waste per year, which is a terrifying statistic. What’s even more terrifying is that on average 35% of all raw materials in the supply chain end up as waste before a garment or product ends up in the consumers hands. What's exciting is the idea of diverting this potential textile waste from landfill and recreating it into a new high quality product. 

Our recycled cotton fabrics are composed of 30% recycled and 70% virgin cotton. Currently the technologies that are available can only ensure a high quality yarn if it is blended with virgin cotton.

Our recycled cotton yarns are sourced by Anandi, a pioneer in the cotton textile industry based in Tamil Nadu and certified by the Global Recycled Standard. Anandi have their own cotton farms, processing facilities and spinning mills around Tamil Nadu and Tiruppur. They collect pre consumer cotton textile scraps and waste from local knitting and stitching units around Tiruppur and recycle it into high quality yarn.

Why We Love Recycled Cotton